Tyler James

CounterTERROR is written and created by Tyler James.  Tyler is a comics writer and artist, whose first self-published comic book series Super Seed was recently featured at Zuda Comics, DC Comics’ online imprint.  Tyler currently lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where he teaches a class called Creating Comics! Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels at the local adult and continuing education center.   Tyler is a video game designer and content producer at an educational software company, and has a M. ED. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

For more on Tyler James, you can check out his blog, read his webcomic Super Seed, or join his message board.

Stefano Cardoselli

CounterTERROR is drawn by Italian artist Stefano Cardoselli.  Stefano is a co-founder of Azurek Studios and has a large comics resume.  Much of his work has been featured in Heavy Metal Magazine, and his comic Robodeath was also featured at Zuda Comics.  Robodeath has been picked up by another publisher and will be debuting soon.

Check out Stefano Cardoselli’s Deviant Art Gallery.


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