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It’s New Year’s Eve. In the waning days of a failed administration, a lame duck president is packing his office, long since abandoned by the American public and even his closest aides and political allies. Still, he clings to the one unassailable triumph of his tenure as Commander in Chief, that there has not been another attack on American soil since 9/11…

Yet unbeknownst to him, terrorists have gotten hold of a highly contagious, weaponized, flesh-eating and rage-inducing virus that drives the infected insane and murderous. The terrorists’ plan- Deliver this virus throughout New York City via a number of self- injecting “suicide bombers” on New Year’s Eve. Their goal- put true terror in terrorism.

After an well-coordinated initial attack decimates the counterterror unit tasked with stopping the plot, it’s up to FBI counterterrorism specialist Dorian McCullough to control the spread of the virus, find the man orchestrating the attacks, and stop the virus from being released in Times Square when the ball drops.

McCullough is aided by fellow officer, Tina Montoya, the lone survivor of the initial attack, as well as support personnel from the National Counterterrorism Center. As he races to find the extremists behind these attacks before the streets run red with blood and mayhem, McCullough uncovers an unsettling connection between the virus and his own government. Before the night is over, McCullough may have to sacrifice the person closest to his heart to save his city from a nightmare.


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